1st Tunicate Information
System Meeting

November, 11-13, 2010, Nice, France


The 1st Tunicate Information System Meeting

We are very pleased to announce the 1st Tunicate Information System Meeting, which will be held on 11st (Thursday) – 13rd (Saturday), November 2010, at the hotel "Le Royal", Nice, France. Nice is located in the southeast of France, and you can access here easily thanks to its international airport.

This small 3-day meeting aims at preparing the reorganization of the current tunicate database systems. It will bring together around 50 scientists running existing ascidians databases or representing major tunicate labs. In addition, representatives from other biological databases will contribute their experience to our reorganization efforts.

Patrick Lemaire, Kazuo Inaba, Yutaka Satou, Tony de Tomaso, Toshinori Endo and Kohji Hotta

Organizers of the Meeting
  • Patrick Lemaire (Marseille, France)
  • Kazuo Inaba (Shimoda, Japan)
  • Yutaka Satou (Kyoto, Japan)
  • Tony DeTomaso (UC santa Barbara, USA)
  • Toshinori Endo (Sapporo, Japan)
  • Kohji Hotta (Tokyo, Japan)

Local organizing committe
  • Patrick Lemaire (Marseille, France)
  • Delphine Dauga (Marseille, France)

Participants of the Meeting

Invited partipants from the tunicate community
  • Ballarin Loriano (U. Pavoda, Italy)
  • Campagna Davide (U. Pavoda, Italy)
  • Chenevert Janet (CNRS, U. P6, Villefranche/mer, France)
  • Christiaen Lionel (NYU, USA)
  • Delsuc Frédéric (CNRS, U. Montpellier)
  • Douzery Emmanuel (CNRS, Montpellier)
  • Dru Philippe (CNRS, U. P6, Villefranche/mer, France)
  • Gissi Carmela (U. Milan, Italy)
  • Gueroult-Bellone Marion (NYU, USA)
  • Hastings Ken (Mc Gill U., Montreal, Canada)
  • Jacox Edwin (CNRS, U. Marseille 2, France)
  • Jeffery William (U. Maryland, USA)
  • Konstantin Khalturin (University of Kiel, Germany)
  • Manni Lucia (U. Pavoda, Italy)
  • Martin Cyril (CNRS, U. Marseille 2, France)
  • McDougall Alex (CNRS, U. P6, Villefranche/mer, France)
  • Nishida Hiroki (University of Osaka, Japan)
  • Pennati Roberta (U. Milan, Italy)
  • Reshef Rami (University of Haifa, Israel)
  • Rinkevich Buki (Nat. Institute of Oceanography, Haifa, Israel)
  • Saiga Hidetoshi (Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan)
  • Sanges Remo (Stazione A. Dohrn, Naples, Italy)
  • Sardet Christian (CNRS, U. P6, Villefranche/mer, France)
  • Sasakura Yasunori (Shimoda Marine Biology Station, Japan)
  • Shimeld Sebastian (University of Oxford, UK
  • Smith William (UC Santa Barbara, USA)
  • Thompson Eric (SARS centre, Norway)
  • Tiozzo Stefano (UC Santa Barbara, USA)
  • Voskoboynik Ayelet (Stanford, USA)
  • Yasuo Hitoyoshi (CNRS, U. P6, Villefranche/mer, France)
Invited partipants from other community
  • Birney Ewan (PANDA, Hinxton, UK)
  • Cunningham Fiona (ENSEMBL, Hinxton, UK)
  • Godin Christophe (INRIA, Montpellier, France)
  • Imanishi Tadashi (Nat. Instit. of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, Tokyo, Japan)
  • Orvis Joshua (CHADO, Institute for Genome Sciences, Baltimore, USA)
  • Poulain Bernard (CNRS, Paris)
  • Sobral Daniel (ENSEMBL, Hinxton)
  • Stupka Elia (UCL, London)


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