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Community Standard

It is vital that a community uses the same vocabulary so as to :

1)    understand each other

2)    convert what we understand in computer objects

3)    share these objects

Three types of standards allow a representation, description and reporting experimental data.

- Minimum information basic checklists

- Semantics: classifications, terminologies and relationships between all terms that is to say ontologies

- Syntax: exchange formats


Here a list of the  recommended standards for the community :


  • AMIS, the Article Minimum Information Standard : this standard describes for each experiment the mandatory (and useful) information that should be mentioned in literature articles. For more information : http://www.aniseed.cnrs.fr/AMIS.php
  • MISFISHIE, the Minimum Information Specification For In Situ Hybridization and Immunohistochemistry experiments. For more information : http://scgap.systemsbiology.net/standards/misfishie/
  • MISRRA, the Minimum Information Specification for Regulatory Region Analysis. Article in process.



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