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Aniseed hosts over 4 200 anatomical identities (Ciona intestinalis ans Halocynthia roretzi) concerning lineage and fate information, neighborhood relationships, shape of blastomeres, inductions, competence of cells (cf Aniseed-3D Virtual Embryo). Moreover, 24 Ciona intestinalis developmental stages are stored according to Hotta et al. 2007. For each developmental stage, a precise anatomical dictionnary and an embryo scheme are available.



  • ANISEED-3D Virtual Embryo

The 3D-virtual Embryo is a module linked to Aniseed database. This software uses interactive Ciona intestinalis three dimensional digital embryo reconstructions to display information from the database as well as to enter into the database quantitative descriptions of the geometry of individual embryonic territories and their interactions. This module can be downloaded from the download section.



  • FABA

FABA (Four-dimensional Ascidian Body Atlas) includes ascidian’s three-dimensional (3D) and cross-sectional images through the developmental time course. 26 distinct developmental stages (stages 1-26) from fertilized egg to hatching larva were defined for Ciona intestinalis.


FABA Mirror : http://tunicate-portal.org/faba/1.4/top.html


  • FABA2

In this study, to clear spatio-temporal morphological change of cells after hatching and construct the comprehensive developmental table, “FABA2″, we applied above mentioned approach to Ciona intestinalisin late developmental stages, from 17.5hpf hatching larva to 7dpf juvenile.


FABA2 Mirror : http://tunicate-portal.org/faba2_2/faba2/2.2/top.html

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