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The ANISEED genome browser is cross linked to the database. Information displayed includes JGI, ENSEMBL and Kyotograil2005 gene models, TIGR EST clusters and predicted non-coding miRNA. It also displays the conservation profile between the two sequenced ciona genomes (Ciona intestinalis and Ciona savignyi) as well as cis-regulatory sequences supported by Aniseed.



Contact: Javier Herrero Sanchez (jherrero@ebi.ac.uk) +44 1223 494458 




Ghost is a database providing information of genomes and cDNAs of Ciona intestinalis and Ciona savignyi, and gene expression data of Ciona intestinalis. This database started as a Ciona EST database at 2000, and after we determined the genome sequences, the database was changed to be based on the genome sequences. (To access the database, please use the following ID and password, ID: guest, PASSWORD: welcome)

http://hoya.zool.kyoto-u.ac.jp/cgi-bin/gbrowse/kh (Ciona intestinalis)
http://hoya.zool.kyoto-u.ac.jp/cgi-bin/gbrowse/cs (Ciona savignyi)


  • JGI



  • Modified UCSC at Gif

A copy of the UCSC browser with an improved annotation: We’ve added all gene models (JGI v1.0 and 2.0, Tigr, ENSEMBL intestinalis and savignyi, Kyotograil2005 and various ab-initio predictions), direct links to in-situs, Vista-plots and -regions, human orthologs from Ensembl and a lot of other, blast-able data).



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